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FREE Mini Course: Keys to Mastering Surface Pattern Design

If you want to boost your expertise and confidence as a surface pattern designer, I have a great tip for you!

One of my favourite pattern design teachers Bärbel Dressler (@bearbellproductions) is teaching a FREE mini-course called ✨The keys to mastering the craft of surface pattern design✨.

In the course she’s going to show you what you can do to become pattern design experts and feel confident about the quality of your work. She’s also going to give you pattern history knowledge and a pattern composition toolbox to get you started.

This is what you’re going to learn:

🗝 The essential keys to mastering the craft of surface pattern design

⚜️ Some of history’s most influential pattern styles

🔬 Bärbel’s own process for studying and figuring out how to create patterns inspired by historical styles.

💠 The foundational pattern tools and composition types and how to use them intentionally to diversify our pattern repertoire.

Bärbel's teaching has been the key to bringing my 2 textile collections Bluebells and Orchid Patch to market in 2023.

*Hint - there will be hidden key words to collect in a KEY HUNT during the course. You might win a book, pens or brushes in the competitions in the course!

The course starts on August 9th and will be available for a limited time only (until August 22).

You can learn more and sign-up via this link:


*I’m an affiliate partner to Bärbel and may get a reward from referrals. But I only recommend teachers and courses that I truly love and that have been helpful for me.

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