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Repertoire Revealed

Have you ever wondered how I got where I am today with this quilting fabric design business?

(Besides doing my degree in Textile Design in the 20th Century)

Answer: Repertoire!

This only happens once/year!

I'm so happy to recommend this course to anyone who wants to level up in surface pattern design or textile design. Bärbel's teaching methods are clear, concise and easy to follow with engaging videos and demos in Adobe Illustrator.

I learned how to create complex patterns here inspired by historical styles, with my own twist on contemporary local themes of the 'toile de jouy' style - grass trees! Xanthorrhoea - a classic Western Australian botanical flora found in the rocky Perth hills growing amongst the granite outcrops surrounded by orange pea gravel walking trails.

They hold a sweet nectar in the seed stems, prized by Indigenous Noongar people in their fresh state before fire which is a natural part of their regeneration cycle..

Repertoire is by far the most useful course I have taken in expanding my knowledge and skills as a surface pattern designer.

If you have the desire to get hooked on Surface Pattern or Textile Design, this is the place to be taught by a subject matter expert @bearbellproductions with a stylish European flavour and academic approach, much like going to Uni or Art School from the comfort of your own home, online.

In 9 modules you will learn about how to create a wide range of pattern types and compositions that are building in complexity, with: ~ Lessons on historical styles that will open a new world of possibilities ~ Style studies with a deep dive into each pattern style ~ Pattern type introductions to classic pattern types ~ Drawing tutorials to learn how to draw motifs in different ways ~ Composition tutorials with techniques for creating more complex patterns ~ Illustrator tutorials showing step-by-step how to create the seamless repeats

You can learn more about the 10 week course and enrol via this link:

Enrolment is only open until August 22nd, so don't delay!

Don't miss out - this year will be the best ever!

What product or surface do you dream of seeing your patterns on the most?

If it’s wallpaper look here!

Because as part of the Repertoire course, Bärbel has teamed up with one of her own clients, Loomwell Home Goods to create an incredible student challenge and an incredible opportunity for one winner:

Among the Repertoire students of 2023, Loomwell has a special plan to select a standout participant. This chosen student will be granted the opportunity to create, or curate patterns for an exclusive wallpaper collection in partnership with Loomwell. Furthermore, they will take the spotlight as their featured artist in October of 2024!

Repertoire is a 10-week online training program for anyone who wants to elevate their patterns and move to the next step in their surface pattern design education.

Here’s the course curriculum and what you will learn:

  • 25 August: Module 1: Pattern design fundamentals

  • 1 September: Module 2 - Spot patterns

  • 8 September: Module 3 - Allover patterns, part 1: Abstracts

  • 15 September: Module 4 - Allover patterns, part 2: Florals

  • 22 September: Module 5 - Tessellating patterns

  • 29 September: Module 6 - Continual patterns, part 1: Geometrics

  • 6 October: Module 7 - Continual patterns, part 2: Trailing Florals

  • 13 October: Module 8 - Mirrored & interlocking patterns

  • 20 October: Module 9 - Pictorial & narrative patterns

  • 27 October: Implementation week

You can learn more about the 10 week course and enrol via this link:

Enrolment is only open until August 22nd, so don't delay! See you inside the community!

*You can also get a taster by enrolling in the FREE MINI course right up until August 21, which will close August 22.

*I'm an affiliate partner and may receive a small reward when you sign up.

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