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Fabric Miles

How far has fabric traveled to get to you?

I live in one of the most 'remote' regions of the developed world in Western Australia and while researching the viability of this business, I came across a most interesting set of facts.

Raw cotton fibre, the most widely used yarn for quilting fabrics is mostly grown in Asian countries such as China, Pakistan and India. Once woven into 'griege' goods, most of this cotton is exported to other Asian countries where it is dyed, printed and further finished to impeccable standards for use by home quilters all over the world.

From Asia it is exported to the US and UK for distribution across the globe. Fabrics you buy from well-known quilting US and UK brands have travelled thousands and thousands of miles across the globe from east to west and back again to get to Australia where they are redistributed to your favourite local quilting supplies shop.

Western Australia is unique in that we live in the same time zone as these Asian manufacturers and have reliable and established shipping transport corridors for our exports.

With this in mind, I began my business designing fabrics to firstly service the Western Australian quilting community with direct freight from Asia.

Imagine the savings in fabric miles this brings to my products, which I am passing on to you, the consumer. It allows me, an individual sole trader with an ethos of high quality, bespoke design to operate in this market as a fabric supplier.

In April 13-16, 2023 I will be attending the Australian Quilt Convention in Melbourne, Australia to bring my designer fabrics across to the eastern states of Australia for the first time.

DISCOUNTS: Meet me at the 2023 Australian Quilting Convention - Stand 26

I will be on stall 26 if you would like to visit me to directly to purchase my bespoke fabric stock of my first two collections or chat about a wholesale sale. For the time of the convention I will be offering substantial discounts to visitors, so keep an eye out for the discount codes which will be available on my social media accounts.

Shop fabrics online: 100% Ecotex Cotton designed and packaged for quilters

From the designer direct to your stash. Order now and support a small Australian business.

Fabric by the metre in 0.25m - 10m, Jelly Rolls, 5" Charm packs and 10" Layer Cakes

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